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Employee of the year 2017

December 2017: Employee of the year honored

Voack Mitarbeiter des Jahres 2017: Erwin Esser

Voack employee of the year 2017: Erwin Esser


At the beginning of December, the employees of Voack company came to a cozy evening of bowling in the Hotel-Gasthof Schörhof.

Besides a lot of fun and a delicious meal, the manager Manuela Voack gave a special surprise in her speech to her team: It was the first time in the history of the company that an employee of the year was taken.

Although praise for the great work of the past year went to the entire team, Erwin Esser’s achievements were highlighted. Thanks to his commitment, Erwin earned the title of Employee of the Year 2017, which was confirmed by all his colleagues with great applause.





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